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Anxiety & Stress Program

Anxiety & Stress can develop and have a negative impact in your life for many varied reasons. From work related, to relationship, to health related, to trauma related - the list is endless. 

All of them can be debilitating at times making you feel you have NO Control over your own life. 

Anxiety and Stress can also take its toll on your physical body as well in the form of sleep issues, increased blood pressure, digestive issues, headaches and panic attacks amongst others.

Natalie can help you take back Control and live the life you are meant to. 

By using different processes over consecutive weeks Natalie can work together with you to remove the old negative programs and teach you New Programs and also easy & effective techniques to help yourself.

You will also experience the benefit of relaxing and transformative hypnosis in every session.

Anxiety & Stress affect all areas of our physical, emotional and mental health. So once you have gained control over your Anxiety & Stress there will be a positive and healthy follow on for you as a whole. 

     Meet Your Hypnotherapist

         Natalie Heaslip

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Anxiety & Stress Program

In this Comprehensive Program of 3 sessions over 6 weeks you will experience a combination of Mind Training and Advanced Hypnosis techniques.

Initially you and Natalie together will go through an in depth consultation to work out how you can best work together and your desired outcome.

You will learn various techniques to retrain your thinking patterns that easy and very effective to use over the 3 sessions.

You will experience 3 transforming and relaxing sessions of advanced hypnosis in a comfy recliner. Where you will always be in control, as whilst you will be under hypnosis, you will not be asleep in fact you will hear everything I say in a daydream like state.


Lastly you will receive a personal MP3 recording for you to listen to, to further enhance your experience. 

At all times Natalie will explain every step of the process as her intention is that you are comfortable, relaxed and excited about the amazing changes that will occur.

Program Fee ~ $320

Payment Plans available.

To Learn more about how Natalie can tailor a series of hypnosis sessions to help you take control and become The Best You Can Be

Call 0405722628 or Email

Natalie is ready to help you succeed.