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Anxiety & Stress Program

Anxiety & Stress can develop and have a negative impact in your life for many varied reasons.

Work related

Family/ Relationship's


Trauma related - the list is endless. 


All of them can be debilitating at times making you feel you have No Control over your own life. 

Anxiety and Stress can also take its toll on your physical body as well in the form of -

Sleep issues

Increased blood pressure

Digestive issues


Panic attacks amongst others.

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     Meet Your Hypnotherapist

Natalie can help you take back Control and live the life you are meant to. 

By using different processes over consecutive weeks Natalie can work together with you to remove the old negative programs and teach you New Programs and also easy & effective techniques to help yourself.

You will also experience the benefit of relaxing and transformative hypnosis in every session.

Anxiety & Stress affect all areas of our physical, emotional and mental health. So once you have gained control over your Anxiety & Stress there will be a positive and healthy follow on for you as a whole. 


         Natalie Heaslip

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Anxiety & Stress Program

This is a comprehensive 3 session 1:1 Online Program.

The first session being 2hrs long with an initial in depth consultation to enable Natalie to meet you where you are and tailor the program to your individual needs.


Following the consultation you will get to experience a powerful hypnosis session which will set you up for the positive and lasting change you desire.

The following two sessions are spaced between 1-2 weeks apart and are up to 90min in duration.

You will be able to download powerful audios to listen to at your leisure which will further support the 1:1 sessions with Natalie.



This program may address areas including

but not limited to -

Self Confidence 
Self Esteem 
Overcoming Fears
Quality Sleep

Natalie offers a FREE  Phone consultation prior to your Initial Session.

You Save  by choosing the 3 Sessions Anxiety & Stress Program.

Payment Plans also available.
Please refer to my cancellation policy.

Program Fee ~ $485 (Save $55)

Payment Plans available.

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