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Insightful Freedom Group Mentoring                   Program

Do you feel you have dreams and goals that go unfulfilled, despite your best intentions?

Do you know what you want but tend to Procrastinate and keep getting side tracked and never get there?

Is your life or work unsatisfying and you feel like it's groundhog day - day after day? 

Perhaps you just feel like something needs to change but your unsure where to start , you would love ongoing support to help transform your life.


Insightful Freedom Group Mentoring is about assisting you to achieve your dreams, goals and to live a fulfilling happy life on your terms.

Natalie provides a direct but supportive group program that meets you where you are and assists you to transform your life for the better. 

This Online Group Program is made up of 10 like minded supportive people from all different backgrounds connecting for the purpose of changing their life for the better.

These programs run for 4 x 2hour sessions over 8 weeks from the comfort an security of your own home or office.

So that is 8 hours of direct contact, connection and support to help you gain clarity, direction and actionable steps on your path moving forward in your life/business/career etc.

This group program will assist you in obtaining more self awareness about your current thought processes and self talk and why they keep you stuck and spinning your wheels. 

During the 8 week program you will experience first hand and learn Easy & Very Effective Techniques that change the way you think and feel. 


By using these different modalities, tools and techniques we will work as a team to take the action you desire to build a better future quickly and with ease. 

The Insightful Freedom Group Mentoring Program is not limited by locality and you can work with Natalie anywhere in the world in the comfort of your own home. 

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Meet Your Mindset Success Coach


      Natalie Heaslip ~ Mentor


insightful  freedom group mentoring program

This is an Online Program that you can attend from the comfort of your home or office. 

You will get to connect with 10 like minded people in powerful and supportive sessions.

This Program consists of 4 x 90min direct contact sessions spaced over 8 weeks.

   Natalie will meet each of you in the       group setting where you are and          together we will connect and learn         easy, effective ways of becoming          unbroken, unstuck, unworthy behind      in the past where it belongs.

You will learn and experience-

  • Clarity & Focus of thought and life/work direction

  • Reduce Overwhelm, Stress & Procrastination

  • Make achievable Goals with actionable steps to succeed.

  • Experience and have access to MP3 recordings of guided meditations that enhance a positive mindset & relaxation.

  • Receive Powerful Tools, Guidance and Accountability in a supportive small group.

  • Connection, Self Awareness and Confidence to move forward in your life with self assured ease.

  • and much much more.....


This is experiential learning that meets you where you are and can be mapped across to all areas in your life/work where you need assistance.

This program is about making yourself a priority for a change as well as being Accountable for making your life a Fulfilling & Successful one.

For this reason the sessions are to be attended live by participants as they are not recorded.

All that is required is a stable internet connection and a device (phone, computer or tablet) and a desire to make long lasting powerful changes in your life.

You will also receive ongoing email support for the duration of the program with Natalie.



Program dates


March 21st at 10am-

May 2nd at 10am.



Total Program Price ~ $440


Payment Plans available

One on One Mentoring Sessions

One on One Coaching sessions can be facilitated in person or online.

These sessions are powerful, effective and individualised to every person's needs.

The sessions is 1.5 hrs in duration.

They can be taken as a stand alone session to provide clarity and guidance to get you back on track.

They also can be part of a series of ongoing sessions that enable you to work on multiple areas and goals in your life.

Successful Mindset Coaching can be used in most areas of your life to provide guidance, direction, support and accountability. To enable you to achieve your goals and dreams in the life you deserve.

Areas including but not limited to -

  • Career Goals/ Direction

  • Life Direction/ Life Purpose

  • Relationships

  • Business Success

  • Health & Wellbeing

Follow Up email support is also provided following your session.

4 x 1:1 Online Coaching Sessions 

8 x 1:1 Online Coaching Sessions 

12 x 1:1 Online Coaching Sessions 

Contact Natalie to discuss further.

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