Mindscaping is a stand alone therapy or can be used alongside other therapies.


It is said to be 'Mental Minecraft'.

By eliciting the internal environment by using metaphors and mapping out an area that you would love to make positive changes in. 

We are going to edit your Internal Map/GPS to get your Unconscious mind pointed back in the right direction instead of wandering around in the dark.

Mindscaping uses a combination of  Visualisation, NLP(neurolinguistic programming) and Clean questions.

This process is a fun and interesting method to access your unconscious and can be easily and effectively achieved in an online session from the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world.

Mindscaping can be used for promoting Generative Change in areas such as but not limited to ~

  • Improve Relationship

  • Improve Health and Immune System Support

  • Increasing Motivation

  • Breaking through Stuck States

  • Creativity

  • Sports Performance

  • Tune up your Immune System

  • Letting Go of the Past

  • Stress

  • Sleep Better

  • Feel Better

  • Creating a Better Future

Natalie Heaslip


In this One Hour session you will experience generative positive change.

Change that occurs immediately and then continues over the coming days and weeks after. 

By making changes in your internal world lets you experience changes in your external world as a result.

As Mindscaping is perfectly safe to participate in an online session via Zoom anywhere in the world as well~ Mindskyping.


Price ~ $110

In Person and Online.


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