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Hypnotherapy and Modern Psychology are effective processes of treating various issues, beliefs, traumas and self sabotaging behaviours that may have arisen in a persons life at anytime. 


Over the years hypnosis has received a skeptical response mainly due to Stage Hypnotists ability to make people perform seemingly against their will on stage. 


You can be assured that when participating in hypnotherapy you are still in complete control at all times. Your therapist is just facilitating you to access your unconscious thoughts, beliefs and memories to enable positive long lasting change.

Hypnosis has been likened to that of guided meditation - where your conscious (computer) mind takes a back seat to your unconscious (software) mind where all your old outdated programs are located.


After each session you will have gained self awareness, learnt new programs and have easy to use tools to help you further progress down your path and as an added bonus, feel relaxed, refreshed, confident and ready to get on with your day.


Hypnotherapy, NLP, Mindset Coaching and the other modalities Natalie is trained in can all be very effective in alleviating many conditions, beliefs, habits.


Also outdated programming that we take on as children and continue to use throughout our lives and includes but not limited to -

  • Chronic Pain Relief 

  • Weight Loss

  • Trauma

  • Anxiety & Stress Relief

  • Overcoming Fears/Phobias

  • Self Sabotaging Habits

  • Insomnia 

  • Grief

  • Depression

  • Confidence

  • Motivation

  • Empowerment 

  • Children's issues

  • Enhanced Self Healing


Natalie meets you where you currently are, and offers a unique blend of processes based on what works quickly and effectively in her experience in helping you get where you want to be.

Natalie's sessions are powerful but supportive and her level of understanding allows for dramatic positive change in a short amount of time.


It is important to note that when booking an appointment that this process is based entirely on both the client and therapist working together as a team to make change possible.

  • Diploma in Modern Psychology - The Mind Academy

  • Master Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Master NLP Practitioner

  • Life & Success Coach

  • Certified Practitioner of OldPain2Go®

  • Certified as a Soul Life Recall Practitioner®

  • Graduate Diploma in Midwifery - ACU

  • Bachelor of Nursing Science - JCU

  • Current First Aid, Basic Emergency Life Support & CPR

  • Current Australian Criminal History Check

  • Current Blue Card 


When Nat isn't working... 

You will find her on her hobby farm outside of Gympie with her teenage children.

Hanging out with her crazy therapy animals that bring enormous joy and love into their lives ( and a little stress).

Currently the animal family consists of a horse, 4 goats, chickens and Buddy the therapy puppy extraordinaire. 

Her love of the beach, markets, music, cafe's, travel, astrology, spirituality, alternate living, connection and lifetime learning make her soul happy.

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