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Past Life Recall

Are you experiencing a physical, emotional or spiritual issue in your current life that you would love clarity and resolution of by exploring a past life?


Are you just curious about the idea and wonder of  Past Lives perhaps? 


Past Life Recall is a non-invasive, gentle healing technique that accesses the subconscious through a relaxed meditative state which enhances self-awareness as a means to powerful and lasting recovery.

These sessions facilitate discovery of information from your past life or lives that may be needed to free you of emotional, physical and mental symptoms.

This life changing process is guided by you the client and is an empowering turning point in your life. The effects from just One session are quite powerful and remarkable.

Past Life Recall changes lives and produces miraculous results for emotional, physical or psychological symptoms.

Past Life Recall Sessions address but are not limited to the following -

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Improve Self Confidence

  • Overcome Fears & Phobias

  • Trauma

  • Grief

  • Depression

  • Pain

  • Health & Wellness Support

  • Sleep Improvement

  • Cancer Support


Life Recall Client Testimonial ~

I recently had a life recall session with Natalie. I went in not knowing what to expect or how I would respond but I must say it is something I am wanting to now do regularly and I cannot wait for my next session! 


I got answers to questions I didn't realise I had and came out with feelings of clarity and understanding.


Natalie is professional and nurturing and the services she offers add so much value to your life.


Thank you Natalie, for sharing your knowledge, guidance and wisdom with the world.  

                           ~ Brooke M.


Life Recall Client Testimonial from Facebook ~

Yesterday I had a Life Recall session with Natalie, what an amazing experience! The session has helped me understand and clear the blocks and doubts that have been challenging me in this life time. Thank you Natalie. Highly recommended.

                                                 ~ Dee B.


Old Globe

Past Life Recall

Past Life Recall is a gentle non-invasive process of healing.

During your 2-3hr session with Natalie either in person or online, you are guided into a relaxed meditative state whereby you can access information about a past life or lives to help you obtain therapeutic self awareness and healing on an emotional, physical and psychological level.

Or just because you are curious and have always wondered what kind of life you have lived before.


You will receive a recording of your Life Recall session as well for you to refer to at anytime.

One Session : $250


3 Session Package : $650 (Save $100)

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