Fertility-Pregnancy-Birth & Beyond

Empowering women and partners with their fertility, pregnancy, birthing and beyond journey and their transition to parenthood.


All to often in today's society instead of a woman feeling positive and confident in her ability to have a positive pregnancy and birthing experience it is overshadowed by Fear and Anxiety. The Fear of the unknown or from Trauma of a Past experience.



Natalie has background as a RN/Midwife where she previously worked in Birth Suite for over 10 years as well as facilitated Antenatal Classes on a regular basis during that time. Her  Packages are very effective in enabling women to feel supported and confident in their transition into parenthood and beyond.

Her intention is to work together with parents to remove fear and anxiety and instead help them to succeed in attaining the positive amazing experience they desire. 

Natalie uses several different modalities in these packages to work together in a caring, patient, comfortable and relaxed environment to ensure you feel Empowered and in Control.


       Meet Your Hypnotherapist

            Natalie Heaslip

Fertility & Pregnancy 

Individual Sessions addressing areas related to but not limited to -

  • Issues with Fertility/ Preparing for IVF

  • Issues in Pregnancy

  • Morning Sickness/ Hyperemesis

These sessions involve an indepth consultation and a tailored session using different modalities including hypnotherapy to achieve your desired outcome.

Your session will be at least 1 1/2hrs long in a comfortable supportive environment.


Note: These Individual sessions should not replace medical treatment - they are an adjunct and supportive therapy only.

Price ~ $130

Empowered Pregnancy & Birth Package

This a complete Pregnancy & Birthing 4 session Package to enable you to experience a wonderful positive birthing experience by -

  • Allaying Fears


  • Promoting Confidence in your body and the birthing experience

  • Promoting Relaxation

  • Enhancing Bonding between yourself and your baby

  • Providing tools for self hypnosis to use during the birthing process to remain calm and become in tune with the birthing process

  • Reducing the need for Pain Relief

  • Removing previous trauma or old belief patterns relating to birthing and parenthood.

  • Promoting a positive, calm and effortless transition into parenthood.


Two take home MP3 audios are included to play in between sessions and during your Positive Birthing Experience.


Every package is tailored to the client to achieve their most positive and peaceful transition into parenthood.


Ideally the sessions should commence from 32weeks gestation and be attended over 4-6 consecutive weeks.


Note: This package should not take place of regular antenatal care - this is a complementary therapy only.

Package Fee ~ $420

Payment Plans Available

To Learn more about how Natalie can tailor a package of Empowered Pregnancy & Birth Sessions to suit your needs.

CALL 0405722628 or Email - natalieheaslip728@gmail.com

Natalie is ready to help you succeed in taking control of your Pregnancy and Birthing experience. 

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