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Do you wake up every morning feeling like it's groundhog day?

By the time you get to midmorning your To Do list has exploded

and you find yourself constantly putting out fires.

Before you know it the day has gone and you haven't achieved what

you had set out to - again.....

Your days and nights are filled with everyone wanting a piece of you,

which leaves nothing left for you.

Self Care - What is that??

Are you stuck in the familiar unhealthy patterns, that you're not even sure

how or when they began?

What you do know for certain is that you currently do not enjoy your life...

You don't have any energy left to care enough about yourself so you keep

putting your needs on the back burner.

You no longer have the patience or energy to be present with those around you.

Has the time come in your life to prioritise yourself for a change.


To begin to care for yourself and Live the Life You Deserve.

To Improve Your Resilience and move from Overwhelm into Calm, Centered and Productive.

To Overcome Fears and your lack of Self Confidence from holding you back and living the life you dream about?

Is it time to let go of the Past and build a better future?

Learn how tap into your own Resources to assist you to Gain

Self Awareness and Control back in Your Life.

Learn Simple and Effective Tools that you can quickly and

effectively incorporate into your everyday life.

Natalie works both in person on the Sunshine Coast and Online via

Zoom from the comfort of your home.

The Online booking system allows you the freedom to choose the

time and day that best suits your needs.

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Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual Therapy Sessions address but not limited to the following -

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

  • Improve Self Confidence

  • Overcome Fears & Phobias

  • Trauma

  • Grief

  • Depression

  • Pain

  • Health & Wellness Support

  • Sleep Improvement

  • Pre Surgery Anxiety

  • Post Surgery Recovery

  • Public Speaking

  • Exam Anxiety

  • Children's Anxiety & others issues

  • Cancer Support

  • Issues with Alcohol

Individual therapy sessions can be undertaken to address most areas that you would like to deal with  - to assist you to take control of this issue.


As these are individually tailored sessions there is no guide to how many or how few you may require - that will be totally up to you.


An important part of committing to making positive changes in your life is your ability to commit to an appointment. Please be ready for that commitment prior to booking as my time is valuable just as yours is - to work as a team we need to be on the same page.


Natalie has a 24hr Cancellation Policy which includes Changing appointment time/days. 

It is important that you give at least 24hrs notice to avoid a nonrefundable 50% Fee being incurred.

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Initial Session

The individual therapy session is approx. 2hrs in duration. 

 An initial comprehensive consultation is included followed by a personalised Hypnotherapy session. 

 During this extensive session you will also learn simple and effective techniques that further reinforce the changes that occur in session.  

This all occurs in a relaxed and comfortable environment with Natalie explaining every step of the process.

At the conclusion of your session you will leave feeling Confident, In Control and Refreshed ready to get on with your day.

Every person is different so every session is unique to you and how many you may require is also up to you.


Initial Session ~ $250

Follow Up

 Follow Up Sessions are approx. 1hr in duration and can be booked as frequently as you require following your Initial  Session.

They include multiple modalities including a personalised Hypnotherapy experience that address the areas that you desire for positive change.

Follow Up Sessions are ideal to build upon the strong foundation that you have built in your Initial Session.


Follow Up Session ~ $185

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Get in Touch

If you are a business, organistion, workplace, group etc that would like Natalie to work with you in regard to events, speaking engagements, group sessions and workshops. Please fill in the form below and Natalie will be in touch. 

Thanks for submitting!

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