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4 Weeks to a Happy Healthy You

Have you struggled with your weight - tried everything and nothing lasts?


Tired of feeling sluggish and unmotivated to live the life you know your meant to be living.

You know the steps you should be taking but for some reason you keep self sabotaging yourself.

4 Weeks to a Healthy Happy You is a tailored one on one Program utilizing Hypnotherapy and other modalities to remove old Self Sabotaging Programs and replace with Positive Effective Programs that get the results you desire.


You not only achieve your ideal weight with this program, it is a wholistic and relaxing way of removing self sabotaging beliefs from your way of life that have been holding you back from being the healthy confident you.


Meet Your Hypnotherapist

     Natalie Heaslip

4 Weeks to a Happy Healthy You Package

4 Weeks to a Healthy Happy You is a Complementary Weight Management Program.


This is NOT a Diet Or Exercise Program.


4 Weeks to a Healthy Happy You incorporates proven methods including Mind Training, Hypnotherapy and Success Coaching.

It is a One on One Program that is tailored to your needs.


The program consists of 4 one on one sessions over 4-6 consecutive weeks and covers the 4 major motivators in long term weight management plus a whole lot more.

Self Esteem

Plus sugar addiction, motivation to move more, portion control etc.

As those who have been on the yo-yo dieting wheel of life - know that they already have the knowledge of what they should and should not be doing.

They just need help with updating the Old Programs they keep playing in their head that keep sabotaging their best efforts.


You will also receive a MP3 recording to listen to in between sessions and keep to help reinforce the Program.


You will also be invited to the 4 Weeks to a Healthy Happy You group on Facebook where you will receive support and connect with like minded souls.

As well as weight reduction you will find your overall health, vitality, confidence and stress reduction during this program to be an added bonus and so rewarding.

4 Weeks to a Happy Healthy You Package ~ $420



Payment Plans Available.




If you and a small group of friends would like to join together to do the 4 Weeks to a Healthy Happy You Program I am more then happy to facilitate a group of 4 people max. as well. 


Learn more about how Natalie can tailor a series of hypnosis sessions to help you take control and become The Best You Can Be.  Call 0405722628 or Email

Natalie is ready to help you succeed.