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"Natalie was able to help me through a range of concerns.  She helped to ease the pain of my past and I can now think and talk about my childhood without feeling sad, distressed and broken.  Instead, I have been  filled with positive and energised thoughts.  Feelings of hope, appreciation and excitement.  The negative self-talk that I would constantly torture myself with is now redundant and I am now kinder and more respectful towards myself. 

Social anxiety and a phobia of public speaking acted as huge roadblocks in my life preventing me from progressing in many areas of my life.  Shortly after my treatment with Nat, I was able to tackle my biggest  fear – Public speaking.  I successfully and independently delivered an 8-hour seminar with ease and confidence.  Something I would never have agreed to before my treatment.  In fact, at the end of the seminar, I shared with the audience that I had a phobia  of public speaking and was faced with a sea of surprised looks and comments that no one would have guessed, and how confident I appeared.

For me, hypnotherapy was a last resort, but I now know it should have been my first choice.  It is a gentle, safe and effective way of treating some very serious and deeply-seeded issues.  I instantly felt comfortable  with Nat with her warm and nurturing nature and she explained everything clearly before we began.  I am so pleased I found Nat and highly recommend her services

~ Tammy - Sunshine Coast

Natalie helped my 13 year old daughter, who had struggled with anxiety for most of her. We had previously been seeing a psychologist, however my daughter was struggling with applying CBT techniques. Natalie’s wealth of knowledge and very caring nature tremendously helped my daughter to develop her confidence and ability to manage her anxiety. My daughter is so much happier and calmer from Natalie’s help. Natalie was very respectful of my daughter’s psychological intervention and working towards a great outcome for my daughter. I highly recommend Natalie’s service and support. 

                                 ~ Karen, Sunshine Coast


"It has taken me a few weeks to be able to review my experience with Natalie. Souly because she has changed mine and my families lives forever and I was really not sure how I was going to put that into words.

At the age of about 6 my son developed a severe fear of flying, to the point where he would shake and cry just being at the airport to drop off or pick someone up and eventually would just refuse to go anywhere near an airport.

It has limited where we have been able to holiday over the years but the thing that was most upsetting was that he was missing out on some really special family events and memories where flying was the only option to get there.

After hearing the amazing results people were achieving with Natalie I jumped on board straight away!

We were prepared for multiple appointments, afterall his fear was ingrained deep after all those years. Natalie was professional, kind and nurturing as soon as we arrived and straight away my 16 year old son warmed to her (if you have a teenager I'm sure you know how hard this can be at times lol).

After his session my son was a changed young man. He rang me and said 'Guess what mum? I'm getting on that plane with you guys next week!'. This is one of those moments that will stick with me for the rest of my life and after just 1 session! All I could think was 'Yep! Natalie is truly magical'.

We booked our tickets and we were off on our first family vacation via plane :)

He did so well on the flight and even sat next to the window when we were landing! Our holiday was filled with so much fun, laughter and love, we made so many amazing memories with our extended family and friends.

The flight home went smoothly too with him shot gunning the window seat on the way to the airport and plans for our next trip the only topic of conversation, including a trip to Las Vegas for his 21st birthday.

There will never be enough words to express my gratitude to Natalie, she is a blessing to this universe and our family.

I cannot recommend Natalie enough and encourage everyone of any age to see her and to get excited about the results you will see :) "

~ Brooke - Sunshine Coast

Natalie has been a godsend to me. After spending a great deal of time on personal self development, I booked in for 3 sessions with Natalie to help me with the process. Her coaching and hypnosis has enabled me to finally put the past behind me. Natalie has such a caring demeanour that I immediately felt at ease with her and totally trusted the process. I found it important to put in the work Natalie suggested between appointments as the results have been life altering. Thank you Natalie, you've given me the confidence to be my authentic self. 

       - Linda - Business Manager - Brisbane


I cannot speak highly enough of Natalie, she is caring and calming in nature and has the ability to explain things clearly and the right way to make you feel comfortable. I had amazing results after just 3 sessions, I'm feeling positive, more confident and ready to move forward!

Thanks Natalie.

- Iain, Sunshine Coast

I have been seeing Natalie for a number of sessions. I needed help to quit my lifelong habit with nicotine. This has been very successful and on this journey other issues have arisen and she has helped me to look at other aspects of my behaviour that I was not happy with and provided the tools to use to change my perspective on things. I am not a person that seeks help without some reservations. Natalie is down to earth and we had an instant rapport. Confiding in a stranger is a leap of faith but my experience with her has been rewarding. I feel I have learned a lot about myself and will be forever grateful thanks Natalie.

                ~ Steve, Cooroy.

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