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Affirmation Cards

Note to Self Affirmation Cards by Naughty Naturopath Mum. 

Beautifully presented cards that have an affirmation on one side and detailed explanation on the other.

A lovely present for someone or a gift of self love for yourself.

In Stock Now 

Purchase in Person from the Life Enhancing Centre.



Containing the vibrational shifting power of flower essences and combined with the healing potential and therapeutic aroma of essential oils, these room mists will energetically transform your space. These magical Flower Essence Mists (100ml) are beautiful to use around your personal space to create the energy shift you are after in your immediate environment.  Wonderful for your living areas, bedrooms, car, offices, classrooms and work spaces.

price $27.95

Price $34.95

Audio's to Download.

The Restoration Relaxation audio is a self hypnosis recording of approx. 25min in length.


The intention of this audio is to assist and support you to relax for a time and release negative thoughts and through positive suggestions feel more empowered and at peace. 


Regular listening to this audio will assist you to manage stress and anxiety while anchoring positive feelings.


This audio will be instantly downloaded to your choice of device for your ease of listening after checkout. 


Please click on the link below to purchase this product.

This MP3 audio is hypnotic in nature.

It is intended as an enjoyable visualisation that if listened to on a regular basis will assist in the releasing of Fears and Anxiety and support a healthy immune system.

Listening to this audio regularly will also support and enable you to experience the process of self hypnosis by yourself. 

This audio is approx. 30min long and the visualisation is based around a beautiful Caribbean Beach - somewhere you would love to return to when ever you like to feel calm and at peace.

Once you have purchased this audio it will be sent to your device instantly ready to be listened to at your convenience

To purchase scroll down on the button below.

The Great Defender MP3 audio is a great audio for children from age 8 and upwards to listen to at bedtime.

This audio can be downloaded instantly to your device of choice for easy access at bedtime.

The intention of The Great Defender audio is to take children on a magical carpet ride journey to a majestic castle and during the journey they happen upon a magical Bow. The Bow is used as a metaphor in the story to assist children to recognise and use their own resources within themselves. The bow also helps the children to Anchor positive confident feelings as well.

With regular listening this audio will assist children to feel more confident and calm within themselves and to support their own immunity. To assist with overcoming sleep issues and to generally get in touch with their own vivid imagination.

This audio is approx. 20min long and is recorded with instructions for a peaceful sleep.

Click on the image below to purchase this beautiful recording.

The Inner Magical Dragon is an audio recording especially suited for children from 9yrs old and up. It is a story that is hypnotic in nature and is intended to assist children/teens in dealing with feelings of Anxiety, Self Esteem and Confidence through the use of Positive suggestions.

It is a story involving a young girl on the eve of her 13th Birthday in a Mystical Universe where it is normal for children to embark on an exciting quest with their very own dragon.

This story utilizes visualization and breathing techniques and can be listened to before bedtime or at any other time. It is written so that it can be listened to regularly which will further enhance positive feelings to the listener.

It is 27min in length.

egift cards

Purchase your E Gift Card Online Here.

A gift of Love, Appreciation, Thank You, Christmas or Birthday.

What ever the occasion an E Gift Card is a thoughtful and convenient gift for any person. 

They come in a variety of styles and values to choose from. 

E Gift Cards can be put towards any session of the recipients choosing.

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